Anastasia A. Krasnova
(St.Petersburg State University, Russia)

The Рroblem of Authenticity of Restored Sculpture Excavated in Ancient Greek Towns of the North Pontic Area.

The article is devoted to the problems involved with the identification and restoration of some marble sculptures from the excavations in Ancient towns of the Northern side of the Black sea.
The most important points of identification of the excavated Antique sculptures are:
• fullness and authenticity of fixation and documentation of pieces of art uncovered in archeological excavations ;
• accuracy of the information on the provenance of the sculptures;
• specificity of the methods used in restoration from the 19th up to the 20th centuries;
• human element.
Some questionable issues of identifying the sculptures are connected with the restoration.
The methods of restoring pieces of art have been changing and developing since Ancient times to nowadays. Now there are a lot of modern techniques and methods to preserve sculptures from destruction, and some of them are presented in the article.