Anastasia E. Chelovan
(St.Petersburg State University, Russia)

Spanish Orientalism of the 19th century. Mariano Fortuny.

Spanish art of the 19th century has been rarely explored by Russian scholars. The landscape painting of Spanish romanticism is still not studied enough. The same is true of Spanish historical painting. Even the work of the well-known painters of the second half of the 19th century still needs to be studied in greater detail: such is the case of Mariano Fortuny, one of the the greatest painters of this time. He realized and followed Goya’s principles and cultivated the traditions of national art, closely connected with popular culture. On the other hand, his work was affected by all the major tendencies which prevailed in European art of the 19th century. The Oriental motives, which are the subject of this paper, represent one of the most notable aspects in Fortuny’s work.