Tatjana V. Beliakova
(St.Petersburg State University, Russia)

Peculiarities of Graphic Works by Kozlovsky and Prokofiev in the Context of Pre-Romanticism.

The article is devoted to the graphic art of sculptors M. I. Kozlovsky and I. P. Prokofiev. Their sculptural pieces were always of great interest. Despite this no serious research on the sculptors’ graphic art has been written yet. The graphic heritage of Kozlovsky and Prokofiev is rather big and each master is very original. This can be seen by comparing their works. specific problem this article is dealing with is to trace the elements of Pre-Romanticism in these drawings. It is an attempt to trace how an artistic idea had been changing from the classical clarity to the quivering romantic mood. Some drawings are strangely close to the graphic art of the 20th century, so many pieces can be regarded as unique phenomena of that time. That’s why the graphic works of both sculptors are now becoming of great interest.