Elizaveta V.Baryshnikova
(Gymnasium № 24 named after I.A.Krylov, St.Petersburg)

The Students’ Photo Exhibition “World Seen by Art Historians”

The  essay analyses the students’ photo exhibition “World Seen by Art Historians”  which took place concurrently with the conference  "Actual Problems of Theory and History of Art".The exhibition was held in a classical interior of the Lecture Hall foyer. It was built like an installation with mobiles, slide-show and abstracts from the travellers’ dairies. The idea was to examine a specified attitude of an art historian towards nature and architecture as a milieu, revealed in the shots taken during the recent students’ expeditions to Scandinavia, Armenia, Serbia, Turkey… and of course Russia – Novgorod, Moscow, St.Petersburg, the Russian North and the Urals.