December,1st, Wednesday

12.00. Registration of the Conference participants. History Dept. Lecture Hall foyer. Mendeleyevskaya linia, 5.

13.00. Conference opening. History Dept. Lecture Hall 70.
Welcome speech.

Pro-Rector Larisa A. Tsvetkova

Vice-dean of the History Dept. Igor I. Vernyaev

Head of the Russian Art History chair Tatyana V. Ilyina

Anna V. Zakharova (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia)

13.30. Plenary session

Oleg Liagatchev-Helgi. (Paris, France). Apropos of “The Sun”.
Mikhail Yu. Evsevyev (St.Petersburg State University, Russia). ”I Am to Say Something… for the Future”. Nikolay N. Punin at the St.Petersburg University.
Ekaterina Yu. Stanyukovich-Denisova (St.Petersburg State University, Russia). Model projects in House Building of the 1730s-1760s in St.Petersburg: Typology and Modifications.
Anna V. Zakharova (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia). The Problem of Identification of Saints in the Wall Paintings of St. Sophia of Kiev.
Branka Vranešević  (University of Belgrad, Serbia). Problems in Studying the Heritage of Antiquity in the Middle Ages: the Case of Personifications of Divine Wisdom in the Leningrad Gospel.
Svetlana V. Maltseva. (St.Petersburg State University, Russia). Significance of Chapels in Forming the  Regional Tradition of Serbian Medieval Architecture.
Giovanni Gasbarri (The “Sapienza” University of Rome, Italy). Bridges between Russia and Italy: Studies in Byzantine Art at the Beginning of the 20th century.
Katerina I. Stanislavska (National Academy of Managerial Personnel of Culture and Art, Kiev, Ukraine), Happening as Action-Show Art Form of the 20th century.
16.00. Opening of the students’ photo exhibition. History Dept. Lecture Hall foyer.
16.30. Coffee Break.
18.00. Bus tour around St.Petersburg.

December 2nd, Thursday

09.30. Tour around the Main Complex of the St.Petersburg State University. St.Petersburg State University. The Main Building. (“The Twelve State Colleges”) Universitetskaya nab. 7-9. Entrance from Mendeleyevskaya linia.

10.30. Russian Art in the 18th century.
St.Petersburg State University. The Main Building. (“The Twelve State Colleges”). Petrovsky Hall.

Chairman: Ekaterina Yu. Stanyukovich-Denisova (St.Petersburg State University, Russia)

Alexandra M. Vasilyeva (St.Petersburg State University, Russia). Russian and European Tendencies in  the Creativity of Ivan Zubov, Russian Engraver of the Early 18th century.
Julia I.Chezhina (St.Petersburg State University, Russia). The Twin-Portraits by Jean-Laurent Mosnier and Alexey Egorov: to the Problem of Adoption in Painting.
Anastasia A. Matvienko (News agency “”). Artists Portraying the Favourits of the Russian Empress Catherine II.
Anna A. Surova (St.Petersburg State Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after I.E. Repin, Russia). Murals of the Chapel in the Village of Vasileva Gora in Torzhoksky District of Tver region: the problem of European Influence on Church Monumental Painting of the Late18th  century.
Anna E. Kustova (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia).  Russian Subjects in the Paintings by J. A. Atkinson.
Ekaterina A. Skvortsova (St.Petersburg State University, Russia). Peculiarities of Composition of the “Panoramic View of Saint-Petersburg” by J. A. Atkinson: the Russian and English Roots.
Tatjana V. Beliakova (St.Petersburg State University, Russia). Peculiarities of Graphic Works by Kozlovsky and Prokofiev in the Context of Pre-Romanticism.
Olga V. Terekhova (St.Petersburg State University, Russia). The Stroganov Palace in St.Petersburg: on the Atribution of the Late 18th century Interiors.
Vasiliy A.Konovalov, Anna I.Kulikova, Mikhail V.Konovalov (St.Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television, Russia). Moral Code and Its Reflection in Modern Animation.

14.00.Presentation of the students’ creative projects designed at the Animation and Computer Graphics Design Dept., St.Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television. History Dept. Mendeleyevskaya linia, 5. Lecture room  66.

Anastasia M. Nurieva, Elizaveta A. Zelenkina, Nadezhda A. Matveeva, Mikhail V.Konovalov. Intercession of Our Lady and the Preservation of Moral Standards in Contemporary Art and Culture.
Viktoria Kurinskaya, Maria Nesterova, Tatyana Oliksevich. Byzantine Painting as a Source of the Costume Study.
Valeria V. Beloborodova, Tatyana V.Oliksevich, Anna I. Kulikova, Yegor V. Konovalov . Mosaic panels of the  St.Alexander Nevsky Church  (now the building of the St.Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television): Projects and Technology.
Tatyana V. Oliksevich, Vasiliy A. Konovalov, Ludmila I. Yaroshevich . The Ancient Temples of the Caucasus.
Darya O. Bagaeva, Ksenia V. Rudakova, Inna G. Sinitsina, Vasiliy A.Konovalov, Ludmila  I. Yaroshevich (St.Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television - Stavropol Regional College of Design).  The 1st Interregional Exhibition “The Caucasus is beneath me.”

15.00. Russian Art in the 19-20th centuries. History Dept. Mendeleyevskaya linia, 5. Lecture room 66.

Chairman: Mikhail Yu. Evsevyev (St.Petersburg State University, Russia)

Alexandra A. Varlamova (St.Petersburg State University, Russia). The Sources of Composition and Decoration of the Pogodin Izba in Moscow.
Anna V. Chebotkevich (St.Petersburg State University, Russia) The Neo-Byzantine Style in Russian Architectural Critique of the 1880s-1900s.
Andrey V. Gangan (St.Petersburg State University, Russia). Russian Small-Scale Bronze Sculpture in Late the 19th - Early 20th century: the Problem of  Creative Method.
Vladimir Dimovski (University of Belgrad, Serbia) Approach to Avant-Garde Manifestoes.
Andrey A. Larionov (Сommittee of State Inspection for Protection of Monuments, St.Petersburg). Constructivism and Neoclassicism at the Department of Architecture of the Russian Academy of Arts in the 1920s. Student projects.
Galina E. Abbasova (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia). The East and the West. The Problem of Tradition in the Works of Uzbekistan’s Artists in the 1920s – 1930s.
Ksenia V. Smirnova (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia). Monuments to the Heroes and Victims of the World War II. Memorial Complexes of the 1960s-1970s and the Problem of Historic and Artistic Value.
Alina V. Mikhailenko  (St.Petersburg State of Art and Design Academy named after  A. Stieglitz, Russia). Landscape + Installation.

December, 3rd, Friday

10.00. Medieval Art of the  Eastern Christian World I. Byzantium. Balkans. Georgia.
History Dept. Mendeleyevskaya linia, 5. Lecture room  66.

Chairmen: Svetlana V. Maltseva (St.Petersburg State University, Russia) and Anna V. Zakharova (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia) 

Tatjana Koprivica (History Institute of Montenegro). Sacral Topography of Late Antique and Early Christian Doclea (Montenegro): the First Modern Preliminary Investigation.
Lorenzo Riccardi (The “Sapienza” University of Rome, Italy)  Observations on Basil II as Patron of  the Arts.
Anna L. Makarova (State Institute of ArtStudies, Moscow). Frescoes of the St.George Church  in Bochorma (Georgia)
Ekaterina I. Morozova (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia). Epistyles with the Scenes of Feasts in Byzantine Altar Screen Decoration of the 12th century.
Valentina Cantone (University of Padova, Italy). The Problem of the Eastern Influences on Byzantine Art during the Macedonian Renaissance: Some Illuminated Manuscripts from the National Library of Greece and the National Library of Venice.
Ivan Nikolić (University of Belgrad, Serbia). Architecture and the Problem of National Identity in the Middle Ages: the Case of Church at Donja Kamenica (Serbia).
Jasmina Ćirić (University of Belgrad, Serbia). The Art of Exterior Wall Decoration in Late Byzantine Architecture.
Miloš Živković (University of Belgrad, Serbia). The Legendary Ruler in Medieval Guise: on the Iconography of the Belgrade Alexandride. 
Silvia Pedone (University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Italy). A Critical Approach to the Byzantine Art in the First Half of the 19th century.

14.00. Medieval Art of the Eastern Christian World II. Ancient Russian Art.
History Dept. Mendeleyevskaya linia, 5. Lecture room  66.

Chairman: Valentin A. Bulkin (St.Petersburg State University, Russia)

Denis D. Jolshin (The State Hermitage Museum,St.Petersburg Russia). Some Evidence for the Remodelling of the Desjatinnaya (Tithe) Church in Kiev.
Elena А. Nemyikina (St.Petersburg State University, Russia). On the Problem of “Southern Slavic Influence” on Novgorod Monumental Painting  in the Second Half of the 14th century.
Alexandra N. Shapovalova (European University, St.Petersburg). The Novgorod Mural Paintings  and Religious Theories of the East Christian World in the Second Half of the 14th century.
Alexandra V. Trushnikova (St.Petersburg State University, Russia). Old Russian Cross-domed Churches with Corner Piers in the late 14th – early 15th Centuries. On the Origins of the Architectural Type in the Context of Byzantine and Balkan Architecture.
Anna A. Freze (St.Petersburg State University, Russia). Hesychast Concept in the Iconographic Programme of the Frescoes in the Church of Assumption in Melyotovo.
Irina L. Fedotova («Allegoria» Ltd. Projects/ Building/ Restoration).  Some Observations and Historiography on Pskovian Architects in Moscow in the Last Quarter of the 15th century.
Petr G. Ershov (St.Petersburg State University, Russia). Churches with Multiple Chapels in the Middle of the 16th century: Their Typology and Patronage.
Natalia M. Abramenko (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia).  Images of the First Russian Saint Princes Vladimir, Boris and Gleb in the Wall Painting during the Reign of the Tsar Ivan IV.
Anastasia I. Dolgova (St.Petersburg State University, Russia). On the Origins and Symbolism of the Iconography of “Spiritual Labyrinth”.
Polina S. Kasyan (St.Petersburg State University, Russia).  The Ancient Russian Architectural Ideas in the St.Petersburg Building in Early the 20th century.
Anastasia S. Trapeznikova (St.Petersburg State University, Russia). The  Problem of Expressiveness in Contemporary Icon Painting.

10.00. The East and the West, Antiquity and the Renaissance. History Dept. Mendeleyevskaya linia, 5. Lecture room 72.

Chairmen: Victor G. Vlasov (St.Petersburg State University, Russia), Elena V. Klyushina (St.Petersburg State University, Russia) and Evgeny V. Khodakovsky (St.Petersburg State University, Russia)

Maria A. Semina (St.Petersburg State University, Russia). Genuine or Remade Item. Condition and Restoration of Ancient Sculpture.
Anastasia A. Krasnova (St.Petersburg State University, Russia). The Рroblem of Authenticity of Restored Sculpture Excavated in Ancient Greek Towns of the North Pontic Area.
Anastasia S. Vinokurova (Moscow State University named after M.V.Lomonosov, Russia). Hoysala temples. A Synthesis of Architecture and Sculpture.
Aglaya A. Yankovskaya (Museum of Anthology and Ethnography named after Peter the Great (Kunstkamera), Russian Academy of Sciences, St.Petersburg). Accounts of the 14th century Arab Traveller Ibn Battuta on the Malay Archipelago: the Problem of Interpretation of the Source.
Olga D. Belova (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia) The "Death" Card from the Tarot Pack Pierpont Morgan – Bergamo and Macabre Subjects in Italian Art of the 14th and 15th сenturies.
Marina A. Lopukhova (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia). Classical Tradition in the Later Altarpieces by Filippino Lippi.
Elizaveta A. Titova (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia). The Problems of the Renaissance Church Architecture in the Treatises by Antonio Filarete and Francesco di Giorgio: the Development of Basilical and Central Plan.
Marina L. Musurok (St.Petersburg State University, Russia). The Image of a City in Dutch Art of the 15th century: Jan van Eyck’s Heritage.
Lia A.Chechik (Moscow State University named after M.V.Lomonosov, Russia). ‘Friend-or-foe’ in the ‘Diplomatic’ Painting of  the Renaissance Venice.

14.00. Modern Western Art. History Dept. Mendeleyevskaya linia, 5. Lecture room  72.
Chairman: Anatoly V. Rykov (St.Petersburg State University, Russia).
Elizaveta A. Pavlenskaya (St.Petersburg State University, Russia). The Evolution of Children’s Portraiture in the Works of Spanish Court Painters of the 16-17th centuries.
Anastasia E. Chelovan (St.Petersburg State University, Russia). Spanish Orientalism of the 19th century. Mariano Fortuny.
Elena G. Goikhman (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia). Tradition in the Work of Eugène Delacroix. Romantic Painting of the 1820s and the Art of the Old Masters.
Alyona V. Grigorash (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia). The “Document of German Art” Exhibition (1901) in the Context of the Opening of the Darmstadt Colony: Gesamtkunstwerk or Synthesis of Arts?
Nina L.  Danilova (St.Petersburg State University, Russia). Architecture of Josef Hoffman in Foreign Historiography of  the 1990-2000s.
Lora Mitić (University of Belgrad, Serbia). The Achievements of  “The Rochester School” in the Field of Critical Art History. Митич Лора (Белградский университет, Сербия). 
Valeria O. van der Westhuizen. (St.Petersburg State University, Russia).   The Problem of Copyright and the Interpretation of Australian Contemporary Aboriginal Painting.

18.30. Closing Session.

December 4th, Saturday

Bus Tour to Novgorod.

December 5th, Sunday

Various Tours in S.Petersburg.