Andrey A. Larionov
(Сommittee of State Inspection for Protection of Monuments, St.Petersburg)

Constructivism and Neoclassicism at the Department of Architecture of the Russian Academy of Arts in the 1920s. Student projects.

The article considers the architectural education in the Russian Academy of Arts in the 1920s. During these years new aesthetic ideas connected with the searching of Constructivism architecture were developing rapidly. Another trend which preserved the leading role in the Academy of Arts in the 1920s was Neoclassicism, with one of the most influential professors Ivan Fomin as its main adept. These contradictions in architectural education become apparent in students’ design. The article examines a number of student projects of the second half of the1920s that illustrate clearly the role of opposition between constructivism and neoclassicism ideas in the development of Leningrad architectural school. The majority of these works has never been studied yet.